Joann Venant

Psychometric Rater

Joann Venant joins the K2 team with over 10+ years of clinical experience. To date, Joann is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who initially began her career with the Department of Children and Families to support/connect families. With this as her base, Joann soon earned an MS in Counseling Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University, where she began working as a lead therapist for incoming MS students.

From there, Joann’s passion for mental health accentuation influenced her to join the counseling landscape, later bringing that mentorship experience with her to the academic space. During this time, Joann began teaching relationship education at the Marriage and Family Research Institute at the University of Central Florida, a multi-million dollar grant initiated to help drive higher relationship satisfaction through effective education. Furthermore, Joann also became accredited for her work on leading and supporting non-profit grant development for better teen parenting education in underserved populations. During this time, she was personally invited to join the Palm Beach Atlantic University team as an adjunct professor teaching Gen Psych to incoming freshmen. That said, Joann’s achievements have not gone unnoticed, as she was often requested to be a public/guest speaker for radio stations, tv shows, and conferences at The University Behavioral Center.

Fast forward to today, Joann has since blended her inventory of successes and experiences to become a Bilingual Psychometric Rater at K2. Though much of Joann’s passion for Alzheimer’s research stems from her innate dedication towards improving life quality across all scales, it also comes from a personal place as she devastatingly lost her grandmother to this disease. From witnessing the harsh realities of Alzheimer’s to her strong history in academic/clinical relations, it collectively motivated Joann to begin leveraging that dynamicity at K2 – not only to help unveil revolutionary reform, but do so all while propelling community initiatives forward along the way.

When Joann is not working, you can often find her donating 10 hours a week to mentor and counsel others, spreading fun and laughter, and above all, spending time with her friends, husband, and her two amazing daughters.