Shabana Born RN

Project Manager

Shabana Born, BSN, a registered nurse with over 14 years’ worth of experience, joins the K2 Medical Research team as a Project Manager. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and heart, having spent over 12 years’ in the clinical research setting in addition to her time in direct patient care as a bedside nurse. Shabana’s warm and empathetic nature, combined with her dedicated work ethic, allows her to earn the trust of her patients and walk side-by-side with them through each step of their recovery process, from surgery to rehabilitation. Her work in the peri-operative setting fostered fluency in a wide number of specialties including orthopedics, ophthalmology, plastics and vascular. In 2010, she joined Compass Research as a clinical research coordinator, providing care to patients in phase 1 studies in indications such as central nervous system, pain, diabetes and neurological disorders. A steadfast and devoted healer, Shabana has formed lasting connections with her patients and has borne witness to the evolution and advancement of medicine that has helped the lives of so many. Her continued work as a clinician requires an aptitude for forward-thinking, efficiency, and a continued curiosity, and she has never lost sight of the real reason for her work: the patients.

Shabana received her education from University of Miami and Seminole State College. She is not only a dedicated nurse, but also a wife and mother of three. Ever the multi-tasker, she spends most of her time balancing her family’s busy schedules. She enjoys traveling with her family, trips to the beach and theme parks, watching her son play volleyball, crafting with her girls, and tending to her flower gardens.