K2TrekTogether Referral Program

Climbing together to achieve tomorrow’s treatments today!
k2trektogether referral program - bring a friend

At K2 Medical Research, we know that finding new devices, treatments, and cures is not a one-person job, that is why we need you to help spread the word about clinical trials. Our K2TrekTogether Referral Program is a referral program for family and friends to refer each other for clinical research trials. Qualified referrals will receive $50 per referral and there is no limit to the number of referrals.

To qualify for the referral bonus,

  1. Your referral must be new to K2 Medical Research
  2. Referral needs to complete a screening appointment

Come join our K2TrekTogether Referral Program and be a part of the journey. 

*K2 Medical Research reserves the right to change, amend, modify, or terminate this referral program. Eligibility will be determined at screening visit. Referrals that are advertised or solicited will not be accepted. Terms and Conditions apply.