Matt Bubalo

Managing Director K2 Pathways

Matt Bubalo, a licensed clinical mental health counselor with over 12 years of clinical experience, joins K2 Medical Research as a project manager specializing in psychiatric research studies. Matt began his career in clinical research while attending the Rollins College graduate program in clinical mental health counseling in 2010. Since then, he’s pursued both avenues simultaneously through different organizations. Now at K2, both paths join. Matt is excited for this opportunity to merge his role as a psychotherapist working on an individual level and his work on psychiatric research studies, which has a has an impact on the future of pharmacotherapy.  Through his investment in both areas, he hopes to improve the overall mental health of our community and that of the world at large.  

Matt has experience counseling in both in-patient and out-patient settings and has contributed through various roles within the clinical research industry, primarily in neurology and psychiatry. In 2015, he had the life-changing experience of helping establish a community-based mental health program in the East African country of Uganda through JENGA Uganda, a non-profit outreach organization.  He, along with his wife and family, stayed in the city of Mbale for two years getting to know members of the community, forming relationships, and assisting with developing infrastructure for social services through schools, support groups and rehabilitation programs. He is passionate about the mission of this longstanding and locally trusted organization to which he still maintains close connection.

Matt, his wife, and three children live in the Wekiva area of Altamonte Springs and enjoy outdoor activities, the beach, and playing soccer.