Kim Stokes

Director of Psychometric Operations

Kim Stokes joins K2 medical research as a psychometrist with over a decade of experience in neuropsychological testing and clinical research. Her past roles include rater, rater trainer and psychometric supervisor for populations ranging from pediatric to geriatric. She has previous experience in clinical settings including hospital inpatient care, nursing home, federal bureau, rehabilitation facilities, psychiatric facilities, private practice and outpatient care. She was commended for national research in her work with St. Jude Hospital for Children and continues to be a guest lecturer at the University of Central Florida, helping to guide aspiring professional students. Additionally, she presented at the American Psychological Association and launched one of the first mini-mental status examination mobile applications.  Kim graduated from the University of Central Florida with her BS in psychology in 2012 while continuing her work in private practice. Kim has a passion for animal rights and animal rescue. In her free time, she enjoys visiting Disney World with her husband, Tom, watching vintage films on TCM and listening to rat-pack style jazz.