Augusto Zabaleta MA

Psychometric Rater
Augusto Zabaleta joins K2 Medical Research as a trilingual psychometric rater with a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. Originally hailing from Brazil, he can converse fluently and administer scales in Spanish and Portuguese, as well as English. Since obtaining his graduate degree in 2021, Augusto has been providing services through a local counseling agency, utilizing his skills to help members of our Central Florida community lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives. Augusto’s interest in healthy cognitive functioning is personal: a friend of his family was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and since then he has become personally and professionally dedicated to identifying ways to treat and prevent this disease that affects so many of our loved ones. He has since joined the innovative world of clinical trials and is living out his passion for improving the population’s mental health. When he is not working, you can find Augusto spending time with friends, sipping a good cup of coffee in a local cafe or enjoying the outdoors.