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Compassionate Care

A Message From The Founders:

At K2 Medical Research, people come first.

Clinical research has been stigmatized as invasive, impersonal, cold. We have made it our mission to drop this outdated stigma and begin a new standard for how clinical trials are delivered: one founded in respect, compassion and warmth. We aim to give our patients a sense of autonomy, equity and dignity; to provide tools that will allow them to advocate for their own health using the latest advancements the industry has to offer.

Here at K2, we intend to provide our patients with an experience rivaled by only the best medical facilities in the country. Our team of clinicians are not just board-certified experts in their field, they also operate under a holistic model, treating patients as multi-faceted human beings and not just a set of symptoms.

We want to get back to the basics of good care. We feel that by prioritizing the fundamental ethics of research we can breathe new life into the standardized practices for everyone on this journey- from patients to sponsors and everyone in between- and potentially transform how protocols in clinical trials are managed.

Our goal is to offer clinical trials as a practical healthcare option for our local communities, create global awareness of the importance of research in improving population health, and ultimately make a positive impact on the world around us.

Meet Our Caring Team

Our team consists of dedicated individuals who are kind, friendly, and caring. Our staff is here to ensure a pleasant experience during your visit to our office.

Our team includes experienced and energetic people whose goal is to communicate well with our patients and provide the best care possible.

Executive Team

Sean Stanton

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Brandon Lenox DO, MPH

Chief Medical Officer, Co-Founder

Clinical Team

Sheila Baez-Torres MD

Principal Investigator and Medical Director of Diversity

Sejal Patel, MD

Principal Investigator

Nicolas Weber

Principal Investigator

Neel Patel MD

Principal Investigator

Sean McFadden MD

Principal Investigator

Carlos Baez MD

Director of Laboratory Services

Jennifer West, PA


Jim Hoeckendorf RN

Director of Operations
K2 Maitland

Taylor Rice

Managing Director K2 Winter Garden

Hank Heller

Director of Operations K2 Medical Research

Marianne McManus

Managing Director K2 Maitland

Victoria Marsh

Managing Director K2 SODO

Matt Bubalo

Managing Director K2 Pathways

Kim Stokes

Director of Psychometric Operations

Sandra Torres, RN

Director of Clinical Partnerships and Diversity

Stephanie Cassidy

Director of Clinical Initiatives and Community Affairs

Lauren Roth MS

Psychometric Rater

Augusto Zabaleta MA

Psychometric Rater

Joanne Venant

Psychometric Rater

Rob Cohen PsyD, ABPP


Gina Cedano

Lead Recruitment Specialist

Brooke Ina RPh

Project Manager

Floribeth Roman

Project Manager

Lily Aleman

Project Manager

Stacie Hoeckendorf

Project Manager

Adelina St. Surin

Project Manager

Dennis Neumann

Project Manager

Tim Schubert

Project Manager

Emily Schirtzer

Project Manager

Jawad Alqerem

Project Manager

Andres Garcia

Project Manager

Millie Lopez

Project Manager

Emma Garcia

Project Manager

Anissa Solero

Pharmacy Technician

Briana Luciani

Medical Technologist

Delia Moore

Medical Technologist

Joy Borde

Medical Technologist

Mitsuka Pluviose

Laboratory Specialist

Heather Reyes

Clinical Research Technician

Gian Colon

Research Assistant

Joshua Bowman

Research Assistant

Melisa Nicolas

Research Assistant

Virginia Harris

Research Assistant

Amy White

Research Assistant

Luis Burgos

Psychometric Technologist

Administrative Team

Lesia Hise, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Candace Baird

Director of Regulatory and Quality Assurance

Michelle Montone

Director of Marketing and Outreach

Sandi Sundstrom RN

Feasibility Specialist

Yakira Colon

Community Outreach Navigator

Linda Colon

Administrator of Global Data Management

Christina Banks

Administrator of Global Data Management

Nicolas Martin

Recruiting Specialist

Vanessa Carillo


Jenny Lenox RN, MSN

Project Manager

"The staff is wonderful, professional and knowledgeable. They provide you with the best service when possible! Whenever I had a question, they were ready to answer. Quick responses and follow ups, and always gives the best advice. "

Study Participant, January 2021
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